Breed description

External appearance:
Elegant, noble riding horse close to the nature of the English thoroughbred and a fixed body, suitable for light towing work. His head is fine and dry, with a straight line profile. The neck is long, well arched, mostly set on medium high. The faucet is tall and long ends back. Muzzle medium length, in some cases slightly enhanced forward. Croup this horse is quite large, medium width, well muscled and has the shape of apples. Shoulders has a sloping, long, sufficiently freely movable, but in this respect, we meet with individuals against whom it is possible to have reservations. Depth of chest is half-bred of high character, the chest is a little bony. The feet are dry, thin, usually built on a regular basis. Sometimes there are slightly tied shins, the French character, less bulky rear ankle and mild cow shape.

Overall impression:
Elegant, noble, but a strong sport horse riding type with a solid body.

The standard rate of adult mares: height at withers cane: 163 - 168 cm, Tape: 173 to 178 cm, chest circumference: 186 to 195 cm, shin circumference: 20.5 to 21.5 cm.

Currently, rice is the most common color, rarely brown, but also occurs sometimes in gray and black with a small or large number of brands. At the turn of the century was the predominant color of brown.

Size proportional to the power of the body, dry, straight lines with a profile with a distinctive look and vystouplýma, big eyes. Wide nostrils, regular and healthy teeth.

Moderately high set, long, slender, well muscled and arched, mane of fine, thin hair.

Strong, long-running out the back, well muscled.

Short, tight enough, well muscled.

Short, tight, closed.

Rump and thighs:
Bulky, long, well muscled.

Medium wide, well muscled, deep.

Rib cage:
Deep, moderately curved ribs. Large and long mečovité area of cartilage.

Healthy, no injuries and diseases.

Shoulder, upper arm:
Long, sloping, muscular, allowing free movement.

Large joints, clean, dry, well set and sinewy, medium length shanks, medium length pastern angulation with regular, regular hoof size proportional to body size, with a healthy horn. Hock large, clean, dry and free from distortion. Construction of front and rear legs regularly.

Pompous, long and progressive step and trot for a regular line, hind legs should cross the tracks leading leg at the trot must be the ability to stretch.

(Source: Accredited breeders' organizations: Kisber-félvér Lótenyésztő Országos Egyesület Address: Keleti Károly u. 24, Budapest 1024)


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