Kisberi horse

Hungarian national treasure - Kisber Félvér - kisberi half-bred.

It's a very noble half-bred in sports type, tough and hardy, with a lot of temperament and willingness, with great character, spacious and elastic movements complemented with good jumping features.
The distinctive head, large, lively eyes, perfect exterior with dry and solid fundament - excellent, universally usable horse.


2442 Verőcemaros Ozora Árvácska - 82 (Ozora Árvacska II. Tm) (Álmos)
- historically the best stallion and probably the best representative of its breed in the world.

Rodokmen Álmos

(Source: Accredited breeders' organizations: Kisbéri-félvér Lótenyésztő Országos Egyesület adresa: Keleti Károly u. 24, 1024 Budapest)

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